Sunday, 20 March 2016

EDC: Gerber Paraframe II

I bought this knife in October 2015 and since then it became part of my everyday equipment.

The Paraframe II is a one-handed opening stainless steel knife with an open frame. The blade can be opened with one hand, but it doesn't really go easy with one hand. The frame-lock on the other hand is rock solid, not matter if the blade is in open or closed position

I use the knife quite frequently - for cutting open packaging, going on a mushroom foray or to disembowel fish. It's a great knife. However, when cutting cardboard the knife requires more frequent sharpening.

The size is good, the clip is strong and the knife has a constant place in my backpack.


  1. Brief yet really helpful review with personal daily applications of the product. I really think this Gerber variant is cool (and it looks cool too). However, for other backpackers considering other options, I found one compilation worth checking out: